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Agricultural Projects

Agriculture is the prominent means of livelihood in the Vidarbha region. Crops are grown on Monsoon rains only and no feasibility of second-term crops in Rabbi season. Growing crops once a year is not enough to fulfill the entire needs of a farming community. Many times drought situation occurs and excessive and intensive rainfall cause runoff that leads to severe soil erosion and thereby the land has been degraded. Lacking knowledge of management of soil, water, and reluctance in adopting newer technologies causes low productivity. There are no major irrigation projects in the operational area that

offer an opportunity for protective irrigation and dry spell management. Certain dry-spell occurs in the rainy season and no protective irrigation facilities results in the reduction of yield of soybean and cotton crops. Facing such problems are beyond the control of farmers

Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) Project

Agriculture is the prominent means of livelihood in the Vidarbha region. Crops are grown on Monsoon rains only and no feasibility of second-term crops in Rabbi season. Growing crops once a year is not enough to fulfill the entire needs of a farming community. Many times drought situation occurs and excessive and intensive rainfall cause runoff that leads to severe soil erosion and thereby the land has been degraded. Lacking knowledge of management of soil, water, and reluctance in adopting newer technologies causes low productivity. There are no major irrigation projects in the operational area that 

offer an opportunity for protective irrigation and dry spell management. Certain dry-spell occurs in the rainy season and no protective irrigation facilities results in the reduction of yield of soybean and cotton crops. Facing such problems are beyond the control of farmers.

  • Optimum use of Fertilizers and Pesticides for the Cotton crop.
  • Production of sustainable good quality Cotton.
  • Care to be taken while plucking up cotton.
  • Follow safety measures while handling and spraying pesticides.
  • Promotion of Organic Pesticides and fertilizers for production of the cotton crop.
  • Restriction on Child labor.

Relief Camp

Exhibited demonstration on hand wash before the BCI farmers to maintain their safety. Provided PPE Kit to Health Deptt, Sanitization material to disadvantaged people under COVID-19 relief. All BCI farmers were insured by CottonConnect during the COVID-19 pandemic Rs 20,000/- each was provided by CottonConnect to the families whose family member was dead of Coronavirus.

Support to Krishi Doots under the Lakhapati Kisan Project

Krishidoot project is being run with 1000 farmers from Dhanora Block of Gadchiroli district under the support of BPCL, District Administration Gadchiroli, and Tata Trusts. The project entitled “Support to Krishidoots under Lakhpati Kisan Initiative” with five key interventions of livelihood. The main aim of the project is to generate awareness, training, and introduce new farm techniques for increasing crop productivity and income of farmers. Diversification of crops, raising demonstrations, and 

rearing livestock would be promoted under the project. Agriculture is the prominent source of livelihood in the Gadchiroli district, Maharashtra. The majority of farmers are tribal and they lack knowledge of using modern technologies in agriculture and rely upon traditional farming practices. Consequently, this reflects in the low productivity of crops. The district faces regular droughts due to irregular and deficient monsoons. Lack of water for irrigation is also a major cause of the low productivity of crops. Combinations of these two described factors, coupled with socio-economic reasons have pushed tribal households into poverty and debt. Tata Trusts is working on sustainable improvement in livelihoods of smallholder tribal farmers and bringing them completely out of poverty and making them ‘Lakhpati’ families through various types of interventions with them in various geographies.

Vikasganga is implementing this project with the support of BPCL along with District Administration, Gadchiroli, and Tata Trusts. This project covers 1000 farmers from the Dhanora block of the Gadchiroli district and is being implemented with five key interventions of livelihood as fallows.

  • Agriculture
  • Water Resource Development
  • Non-Timber Forest Produce
  • Livestock
  • Capacity Building

Lakhpati Kisan Project is spread across 21 villages of Dhanora block in the Gadchiroli district. Project Villages are divided into four clusters and the target of the project is to reach out to 1000 beneficiaries. Project interventions are implemented so as to enhance the income of each of the beneficiary farmers to rupees 100000 in three years.

    Seed Processing Plant Project

    Under the Tata Trusts supported project entitled “Support for development of farmer producer organization in Vidarbha” a Seed Processing Plant has been established in Ner block of Yavatmal district in Vidarbha under Sukhi Baliraja Initiative. In order to establish a business eco-system for the growth of small-holder farmers and demonstrate to small-holder farmers the availability of resources in the poverty afflicted Vidarbha region, this project has been set up. The Project will provide an opportunity to the poor communities, women and the youth, in particular, to form groups to 

    increase their voice and accessibility to services as well as to strengthen their capacity to plan and implement programs for economic and social betterment. The concept of seed processing is nothing but cleaning and segregation of raw crop seeds produced in farms to make them ready for sowing purposes. Certified seed plays an important role in achieving higher yields. To achieve these objectives a Seed Processing Plant has been set up. Joyous Agri Vision Producer Company Ltd.; has established this seed processing plant in Survey No. 16/part in Gram Panchayat area of Indrathana Shiwar located at Ner–Darwha highway in Yavatmal district. The seed Processing Plant is 9 Km away from Ner having Pin Code No. 445102. Seed processing plant run by JOYOUS AGRRIVISION PRODUCER COMPANY, NER.

    FPO Strengthening

    Vikasganga is implementing an FPO Strengthening project with the support of Tata Trust under the Sukhi Baliraja Initiative in 3 distressed districts Yavatmal, Akola, and Amravati. One of the main components of this project is community development and agricultural marketing. It was decided to establish the Producer Groups into the institutional form like Farmer Producer Company. Under this project, 7 Producer Companies were incorporated aiming the specific objective to support the small and marginal farmers of the block, to bring them in assured cropping patterns, and assured market

    linkage with value addition. FPCs will provide agricultural services, quality agriculture inputs, enable seed production, value addition in cotton and other commodities.
    HR is the main factor to implement the idea on the ground, therefore, Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) have been appointed for each FPC. The HR is required to implement all the plans and look after the day-to-day work of the FPC. At this point in time, all the FPCs in Vidarbha are at the stage to find out the potential in their respective blocks and prepare the proper business plan and implement it for generating income for the FPC and its shareholder partners. The CEO will also arrange funds from different sources to run the business activity of the FPC. It is important to bring the FPCs to a point of self-reliance and a self-sustained entity.

    Support to tribal Women through Smallholder Poultry Project

    Vidarbha’s economy is primarily agriculture, however, the rural production system is at low equilibrium in the Vidarbha region producing little or no surplus at household. To resolve this issue Vikasganga is implementing a Poultry Project with the support of Tata Trusts and the Government of Maharashtra who joined hands to initiate a Poultry Project for the tribal and poor women of Amravati and Yavatmal district under “Sukhi Baliraja Initiative (SBI) Vidarbha”. The project objective is to establish a business eco-system for the

    growth of small-holder poultry and demonstrate small-holder poultry farming (broiler poultry) among poor women in stated districts of the poverty afflicted Vidarbha region and collectivize them into producer organization for economies of scale and maintain quality and competitiveness with timely supply.
    Under this project, a poultry shed was constructed and chickens is grown by beneficiary tribal women. A group was formed comprising 800 tribal women beneficiaries under the project. A Sahayata Poultry Producer Company was formed with 800 tribal women members to control and monitor the Poultry production. A TATA Trusts skilled technical team is available to guide them.

    Awareness Camp and help in COVID-19 Pandemic

    The whole world faces the problems of the Covid-19 Pandemic in the year 2020-21. The outbreak of the Corona Virus has frightened the whole of mankind and in order to check the spread of infection, the Indian Government had imposed a lockdown on 24.03.2020. There was a strict restriction on moving from one place to another except for emergency services. All the industry and business were closed and labor turned to their natives. Under this circumstance, many of the employees in the private industry and business sector lost their

    employment. All small hotels, shops, and Peddlers were closed their business for a long period and hence their daily income was stopped. Owner and servants from these sectors have been badly affected. Most of them are very poor and face problems with daily food and even their survival. Small savings of everyone was exhausted and they struggled for food and their family needs. Vikasganga closely observed the conditions of laborers, beggars, old age people, and orphans who had not consumed food for a couple of days. Seeing the condition very critical Vikasganga thought of arranging cooked food for needy poor peoples of society. Vikasganga started Community Kitchen for providing one-time food to poor and needy people in Ghatanji town from the 26th of March 2020. Food (Veg Rice), Chapati, and Dal were cooked and supplied to low line area houses. Daily around 300 needy people took benefit of one-time food served by the organization. Some like-minded citizens and donors had shared their hands in this noble work.
    Some local donors, teachers, farmers, small businessmen, and Journalists had joined this generosity and even participated in cooking food and supported this mission by supplying grains and grocery items, and vegetables. Some of the families celebrated their family member’s birthday by donating food kits, Sweets, and clothes to Vikasganga for distribution among needy people. Local administrations i.e.; Revenue Department, Police Department have extended their fullest support in this endeavor. Covid-19 food support program was run consecutively for 50 days. After the slackening spread of the Corona Virus, we saw that most small peddlers, poor, low line area people have lost their employment permanently. Orphans, old age people, disabled were still struggling for food. Vikasganga conducted a survey and prepared a list of the 100 most needy people and requested the president of Gramin Samasya Mukti Trust, Wani for extending help. Magnanimously, the GSMT had provided support in the form of Grains and Grocery items for extending onward support to needy people in this pandemic. Vikasganga provided a Bhojan Thali to 102 most needy people from 27/05/2020 to 01/08/2020 for 67 days continually. GSMT also provided a Homeopathic Medicine Arsenic Album for providing to people for protecting health from the infection of Corona Virus. People benefitting from these activities were happy and expressed their sincere thanks to GSMT and Vikasganga for their timely food and medicinal support.

    Rain Water Harvesting and NRM Project

    Vidarbha is the eastern region of Maharashtra State that is comprised of 11 districts of which. Vikasganga is working in the Seven districts of the Vidarbha region. Agriculture is the main occupation of people in Vidarbha. Agriculture land is degraded due to a lack of management of soil and water. The eroded soil flows with rainwater and deposits in water storage ponds, tanks, and reservoirs through natural streams. Continuous siltation of structures reduces their water storage capacity that results in less capturing of water.

    Soil and water conservation treatments are extremely important for checking soil erosion and enhancing groundwater levels. As we know that Vidarbha has less irrigation capacity and in this situation, siltation of structure causes a deep effect on the agricultural economy. Also due to the shortage of drinking water critical situation arises in the Vidarbha area. Therefore, it is very necessary to regenerate the original water holding capacity of structures. Vikasganga works on Rain Water Harvesting and Natural Resource Management for the last 15 years. Under land and drainage line treatments, Vikasganga has developed various structures like Doha Model, Dam De-siltation, Recharge pit, etc. These structures will surely increase the water storage capacity of reservoirs. Watershed treatments like Farm Bunding/Compartment Bunding, plantation protects soil erosion.
    Covid-19 pandemic compelled the government and all the development institutes to stop developmental activities at once in the year 2020-21 and attracted their attention towards checking the spread of Corona Virus only. Due to this critical situation, no developmental work could be possible except conducting a review of work done in earlier years to see the impact created by interventions. While taking a review of rainwater harvesting work done in earlier years following impact was observed. All the constructed RWH structures were found to be filled with water after the rainy season was over. Ground recharge was increased due to removal of basin silt layer, visible results were wells and tube wells nearby the structures recharged fully. Water stored in structures is available for protective irrigation of crops.
    Soil erosion was reduced due to farm/compartment bunding, this will certainly stop siltation of Nallas and Dams. Crop condition was found to be very good where silt removed from tanks and dams was applied that looks like an improvement in soil health. Expression of beneficiary farmers was a notable increase in crop yield where dam silt was applied.
    It is assumed that cumulative water storage in the RWH structures developed under the projects would be 22999.72 lakhs of liters of water considering approximately 20 % seepage losses. Usable water for protective irrigation would be 18399.77 lakhs of liters. The area to be covered under irrigation from stored water would be approximately 1839.97 hectares. This will prove to be helpful in recharging nearby wells and borewells thereby increase in irrigation area and enhancing crop yield up to 30 to 40 percent.

    Women development

    SHG promotion and bank Linkage:
    Financial support to groups from the organization is not necessary but building up their capacity and being with them for keeping their confidence up is much necessary. Due to facilitation in their technical problems the groups are now maintaining good records, rising their saving, and maintaining internal lending. Vikasganga is presently working with 602 SHGs involving 6200 members from 2 Talukas of the Yavatmal district. Eligible groups are bank linked.

    Educational Program (Digital School): English E-Teach Project (BCPT)

    Vikasganga has been implementing the English E-Teach Project in 30 ZP Schools of Ghatanji block Yavatmal district with the support of Apeksha Homoeo Society Mozart district Amravati. Under this project visual software of the School, the curriculum has been provided to 30 ZP Schools. This software enables the learning of 2605 students who came from poor families of 30 villages. In COVID19 Pandemic schools were closed and part of school education was totally stopped. Village school students were busy

    playing and working on farms with their parents. Due to the long lockdown and closing of schools till March 2021, a deep impact was seen on students in terms of childhood life and going away from the educational curriculum.
    In this critical situation, English E-Teach Project played a very good part that shows a very good impact. Students were attracted towards study due to watching visual videos of curriculum, which created interest in studying. School teachers feel free to teach students with keen interest and students also learn with full concentration. The teaching of students is continuously going on with small groups of 4 to 5 students. During the currency of lockdown, the education of primary students was continued by the virtual learning process through Android Mobiles. Digital media played a very useful and effective role in the digital learning of students in the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Vatsalya Community Kitchen

    Honorable Shri. Nimesh Bhai Shah, the distinguished social worker from Caring Friends, Mumbai has guided Vikasganga to start Community Kitchen for old age people. Thus, “Vatsalya Community Kitchen” was started in Pardi Naskari village from Ghatanji taluka in Yavatmal district in November, 2017. The object behind running the community kitchen was to serve food to old aged people who have no family to look after, sleep without eating food on occasions, and face problems of survival. Senior Citizens ages between 60 to 90 years have been provided two times food a day at theVatsalya

    Bhojanalaya. Initially, there was the inclusion of only 18 needy old-age male-females in the Community Kitchen. Old age people have feel that someone is caring for them, they are looking good and happy. Great moral support they received from Caring Friends and Vikasganga team. The individual beneficiary pays a contribution of Rs. 200/- as their share per month against feeding them to two times a day. Shri Dnyaneshwar L. Dhurve with his spouse use to cook and serve food to these old people for which they get Rs. 1200/- per head per month from the organization. The bodyweight of these old persons has been enhanced and seems to glow on their faces. In the year 2020-21, there are now 15 old-age beneficiaries availing benefits of Vatsaly Community Kitchen.

    Other Notable

    Under the promotion of the Shivansh Khad program, 55 piles have been raised by farmers in one village of Ghatanji block under the technical guidance of the Vikasganga team. The farmers applied Shivansh Khad to crops like cotton, soybean, vegetables and horticulture plants, etc.
    Nursery of 7000 wild plants has been raised including plant species of Neem, Bamboo, and others. This activity is run for the protection of the environment. About 1700 plants were provided to farmers and Gram Panchayat for plantation at different places in the village.

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    Vikasganga Samajsevi Sansthaisa registered non-governmental, non-profit, voluntary organization was founded by a group of social activists in 1996 with the specific objectives to solve the Livelihood.


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